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Neurochemistry Research Group

Division of Neurosurgery

Our microdialysate analysis contributes to clinical trials, demonstrating penetration of drugs across the blood-brain barrier and effects on downstream targets.  

Our study (MRC funded) on human recombinant IL-1ra in TBI patients has been published by Helmy et al., 2015

We have analysed patient samples in a sub-study (NIHR funded) of the CRASH-3 trial of tranexamic acid in TBI patients.

In addition to our analysis of microdialysis samples, we also perform studies on other matrices including CSF, plasma and subdural fluid. We have also completed biochemical studies to support the work being done on a large multi-centre trial (Dex-CSDH) of dexamethasone for patients with chronic subdural haematoma. The lab studies enabled us to identify biomarkers associated with the pathogenesis of chronic subdural haematomas and how dexamethasone affects recovery from this condition.


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