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Neurochemistry Research Group

Division of Neurosurgery
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The neurochemistry group has presented oral and/or poster presentations of their research at many national and international conferences.

Recent conferences and symposia:

BNRG 2021,

Tec2Med 2021, (Online)

BNA 2021, (Online)

Brain 2021, (Online)

Neurotrauma (INTS) 2021, (Online)

BNRG 2019- British Neurosurgical Research Group Meeting, Edinburgh, UK.

EANS 2018 - The European Association of Neurosurgical Societies, Brussels, BE.

Neurotrauma 2018 - International Neurotrama Society (INTS), Totonto, CAN.

ISNI 2018 - 14th International Congress on Neuroimmuonology (International Society of Neuroimmunology)

BNRG 2018- British Neurosurgical Research Group Meeting, Sheffield, UK.

Luminex Xmap Connect 2017, Amsterdam, NL.


Outreach is also conducted through several channels including:

Video for secondary schools/college/undergraduates on research and working in neuroscience and brain injury (2021).

Video for primary schools on neuroscience and brain injury (2019).

ITV feature on RESCUE-RACER study. Also BrainMIC NIHR outreach video.

Public Lecture for Global Brain Injury Neurotrauma Symposium hosted by the Royal Geographical Society.

The Cambridge Science Festival - group members have organised in hands-on workshops in previous years and assisted the CamBRAIN Neuroscience Society stall.

The Cambridge Admissions Widening Participation Program - group members give interactive lectures and workshops in neuroscience for both 13-16 and 16-18 years.

Pint of Science - volunteer for the 'Beautiful Minds' series. 

CamBrain's 'Neurotalks' series, presented several TED-like talks.

and many more... 


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